Success through Minimalism, Simplicity and frugality

The taste for the simple charm of nature and the belief that perfection is in simplicity is fast becoming more than just a trend nowadays. The famous slogan LESS IS MORE is still a common cliché amongst human beings. It seems simple, but easy if accompanied by the authentic and natural. Living a life of moderation in terms of finance can be achieved with practice, or even learnt from past mistakes, which we identify as such and move on.

Over time, these new habits become part of your nature and what today look like sacrifices cease to be because you will realize the benefits you have accomplished – paying your debts, seeing your money grow, start paying for your car, etc. Those are some of the motivations for frugality.

Minimalism is an aesthetic trend resulting from the current economic trends in which every aspect of life is ruled by money. By putting into custody, a bit of resources, consuming less or simply doing away with consumerism; you become a minimalist.

Simple Life and Frugality: The success of life

The minimalist reduces anything to its essentials and strips it of excess elements. Minimalism is therefore a tendency to simplify everything to a minimum. The term “Minimal” was first used by the philosopher Richard Wolheim in 1965 to refer to paintings of Ad Reinhardt and other objects of very high intellectual content but low formal content, such as ready-made, recycled objects into art. In simpler terms: simple yet beautifully rich.

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Advantages of minimalism and frugality

What are the reasons to live frugally even when you don’t have to? The minimalist practice brings peace and tranquility. Its straight lines, the lack of accessories, lighting, bring that calm and relaxation you are looking for in a home. It is a stripped style but elegant and innovative in its form and finish time, as opposed to the rustic and romantic stream; although both come from the idea of simplicity and modernity.

But the existential minimalism has already passed applied to all areas daily life. It appears therefore that it has to do with a certain way of life inspired by minimalist principles broadly by: vital, focus on what’s important simplification, pursuit of happiness, positive psychology, sustainable development, responsible consumption and more sedate pace of life “slow food”, “slow movement”, “slow cities” etc.

There are many books and manuals on minimalism, simple life and frugality that explain the benefits of focusing on the essential, not only in the physical sense of material possessions, but also in relation to the mind and spirit.

Today, in the midst of a major economic and environmental crisis, there is a new generation of Stoics in search of models that serve as inspiration to create the products and services of the future, to be more efficient, and beneficial to the environment. Instead of being harmful, they strive at being biodegradable, nice, simple and appropriate. Simplicity is merely a representation of good taste, maybe it was always there, but now appears stronger than ever. Join the club today and start living a simple life.


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Money Habits: Becoming A Better You

More often than not, you will come across an article that tells you how money is not a determinant in your happiness. These articles may have a solid basis but you also need to realize that your relationship with money affects you more than you probably know. This means that to become happier, you need to have a better relationship with your money. This will require developing healthy money habits that will help you reduce your stress levels, take away your worries and lift off some unnecessary pressures that are financially motivated. A bonus here would be that some good money habits are actually good for your health too.

Good Money Habits

First and foremost, you should know your worth. Knowing how much you have is a good way of planning your life based on facts and instead of uncertainties. Most people end up in tight financial situations because they spend what they do not have, thinking that they have it. And when the bills start rolling in they are often left in panic and high stress levels. Check your account balances, know your expenditure and understand your spending habits in general so that you can balance everything up in a reasonable way.

You also need to learn how to pay your bills as soon as you get them. A delay on bills leads to an accumulation of debt, and it also creates the illusion that you have money. The best way to be happy is to minimize your debts by paying them as soon as you can. You can easily achieve this through automation where you automatically channel your money towards the pending bills as soon the money gets into your account.

Have a simple budget that matches your financial capacity. This implies only indulging in habits that you can afford. For those who enjoy eating out, you may want to start cooking your food at home. Eating out may be fun but it is not always healthy. Cooking at home also gives you control over the cleanliness of the food and the safety of the ingredients that you use in preparing the meal. You are also in charge of the freshness of the groceries thus allowing yourself to eat healthy and stay safe. Home meals are also cheaper to make.

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Another way to become a better you in a way that is positive to your finances is to be healthy. Most people consider gym memberships too expensive and in most cases, they are right. You do not however need to go to the gym in order to work out. If you live in a good neighborhood, you can go for early morning or late evening walks or jogs. This will ensure you get adequate exercise to avoid lifestyle diseases without having to spend much. The positive side of this is that you will be able to avoid lifestyle diseases while also staying healthy and productive. You can then channel the money that you make into investments for your retirement and the future of the people that you care about. This will mean a happier, better and more fulfilled life for you.